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Sep 22, 2012 7:00am PDT
scott kelley. >>> we've got a campaign which is tied with the incumbent president of the united states >>> romney is slipping under the polls. the canon did denies his campaign is struggling. >>> ipad a very practical campaign, its telling a very good job. i want to make it very clear, i want to help 100% of the american people. >>> a former republican campaign strategist says romney has to change the subject to regain. >>> said the really different to remind people why he's running for president. >>> new number shows the californian i unemployment rates still hybrihigh. it is still well above the national unemployment rate which is 8.1. a fantastic five for the space shuttle endeavor. it was all the the golden gate bridge to twin peaks. the shuttle as part at lax. why we >>> when endeavor touchstone, piggyback aboard the 747 it was a pitcher arrest landing. and the man at the control of the beef 747 new it was special. >>> first of all, wow. were you aware of the crowd still below? >>> we were. pretty much all the way from florida we saw people light up. >>> but everything was cordgra
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1